The Truth is Out

In spite of the inspirational efforts put in by many creative “Musicians”, Singers and enthused “Song Writers who work very hard in the recording studio for days trying to achieve “High-Resolution” sound. wave-to-mp3Please note that most of the “High-Resolution” Digital music download sites advertise their offerings as “High-Resolution” tracks, when in fact they are merely standard definition recordings transferred from their MP3 to WAV files and then sold for devastating costs as profits. Fans and listeners might as well buy the original CD’s (44.1 kHz/ 16 bit) which is cheaper. The mainstream online recording business is not interested in the audiophile hare-brained wide-ranging or succeeding fidelity. All they want is to deliver manufactured audio recordings from studios that will light up their charts just like yesterdays hit records that they delivered online. For them “Louder” is always better, and that’s a reality which is not going to be changing anytime soon. So the truth is, you are not actually hearing the correct tone (timbre) of the “Singer” and sounds of the “Acoustic Musical Instruments” that was recorded in the studio as High Resolution Audio (96 kHz/ 24bit). The reality about today’s High-Resolution Audio Downloads is that it will concern you and make you think twice before you reach for your credit card. If you are a sincere “High Resolution” Audio listener having a quality DAC that will playback “High-Resolution” audio then I would recommend buying some Blu-ray Audio or DVD Audio disc from AIX Records (USA) 2L from (Norway) or MA Recordings (USA). If you do not have a DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) then I would recommend you to listen to this new Azur 851D DAC, this Pre-Amplifier is for “High-Resolution” music-lovers who want to store and play their music digitally, but with no compromise on sound quality. So don’t just take my word for it, just go to any professional audio or Cambridge Audio dealer to hear it for yourself. I believe currently there are many respectable brands available but I have not had a chance to listen to all of them yet.

Alphonso Soosay

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