Quality Audio Cable

A Review By: Alphonso Soosay

Serious Hi-Fi and Home Theatre is not just about listening and watching movies. It’s about experiencing today’s digital picture and sound. Achieving the best possible picture and sound means using the most advanced highest definition cable. Good cables actually tells the story of your high quality playback source, and I am sure anyone will want to hear that real and full story of what they have paid for. “The value of their audio and playback source”.

First Impressions:

First impressions are very favourable. Sonic Art cables are beautifully built and quality finished, the company’s attention to detail is obvious from a quick inspection of the interconnect and speaker cables.

I have always been searching for that missing ingredient to improve my system and I have tried quite a number of different speaker cables and interconnect cables over the years ECT. Monster / Ultra Sonic / QED / Neoteric / TMC / MIT and Nordost. My previous investment was last year when I purchased the “Straightwire” flat, a copper cable. Now, after using this new Sonic-Art cable, I find it’s superior to everything so far I have tried and it truly makes a difference to my audio system.

Note: This was completely noticed after the 8th day of burning-in and test. There was more transparency from my audio system; actual tonal textures of different acoustic musical instruments had greater accuracy in its tonality.

As an audio recording engineer, I believe this is because, the arrival point of time at various high frequencies, mid and low frequencies were as even as possible. “Sonic Art” has now become part of my high performance Hi-Fi System.

This review is written not to compare which is a better cable but to highlight its performance and express its feelings at the time of listening, and at different times of daily review stage of the six weeks.

Some of you must have read reviews of Sonic Art cables in i-Audio magazine Singapore, Star-Audiophile Malaysia, Audiophile Thailand, “Sonic Arts” web-page Australia and others, re: how its cables are made. I will write this review with a different approach.

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