Song Writing Ideas (basics)

A review by: Alphonso Soosay

I listen to music quite a lot and it’s so interesting to figure out how musicians write songs, ways of publishing your songs online these days, how the innovative written song gets to the top of the charts and the lucky ones become millionaires over one hit song.

The following song writing ideas are options, for young song writers and lyrics writers who have dreams of having a hit song someday. Keep listening to top of the charts for “Hits” guide lines because ideas will come within your inspiration and it will hit your creativity. Or just invent your own style of song writing.

While you are listening to songs on the Radio or TV pop shows by popular artistes, just listen very carefully to the catchy melody and lyrics they write because you possibly will find the inspiration to write songs about certain issues in your own life resembling Happiness,/ Love./ Money, / Family, / Working life,/ Loss of family member,/ your girl friend leaving you for another man, /. Funny things your good friend said in the nite-club the previous night. / Story about an interesting movie you watched recently / Meeting people on vacation travels / come across new cultures, languages and foods which can be a great way to creating new songs. Also, if you have watched a very interesting movie recently, it is possible to write a song about its story in it. Visualize a melody with a mood for your song and tell that story. Importantly make sure you are prepared by writing the ideas down on i-Pad, or on your i-Phone or carry a writing pad with you. Music Ideas can occur anytime of the day.

I used to work with a popular recording pop band “Naomi & The Boys” we had a few number: 1 hit songs from 1965 till 1969; we also had two very good song writers in the band Robert and Peter. Then in the early 80’s while working with Audio Visual Workshop I came up with some inspiration to write a few songs for WEA Records Singapore andMalaysia. It was a very exciting period then when ideas were just coming in and I had to audition a few singers and picked the one that blended in well with the songs before I recorded it. It was real pleasure when our production team got it happening.

There is a wonderful feeling when a song writer completes a demo of a song; it’s a stage where one feels so good for creating such a pleasing song that flows so well. When it comes to this stage it gives you more confidence and inspiration to keep writing and composing more songs and it goes on from there to a music arranger then to a producer and to the recording studio and finally the end product a CD. Wow. If you are a creative person, then there are many ways where you can find inspiration for writing an outstanding melody and lyrics.

Other options are to write something that raises your confidence or self-esteem. Or whenever you feel downturn, just think about ideas in how you are able to come all the way up again. Think about positive things that can raise your confidence and boost your mood. With this options your song will sound very positive and not only will you feel better after that, other people whom you have shared your song with, will also feel good as well.

Good lyrics can also come from a darker spot inside one’s mind. Songs can be written about the death of a loved one Dad, Mum or Girlfriend. Humanity can be a sobering subject but can be helpful for a lyric writer.

Many song writing musician friends in the past have found inspiration through passion about an issue that is dear to them. When you are passionate about something in life then it’s important to make sure that the melody has a powerful emotional impact. The structure of the melody has to be exciting, dynamic at chorus and ending part of the song. A good ways to make sure your song has an emotional impact is by writing lyrics with passion. Without passion, everyday life can become dull and uninteresting. Most of the successful songs consist of a love interest, the environment, wealth and others.

Many modern rap artists and digital music artists have themes that revolve around sex, money and drug use. Country and Western songs often have a nostalgic theme that revolves around family, the loss of youth, love, and money.

Taking drugs and writing songs have been a sad source of inspiration for hundreds of song writer musicians and singers all over the world. Then again, this type of inspiration can have a variety of negative results if used excessively. For the reason that a three minutes song can lead up to 10 minutes which is not practical for radio stations air play.

In most cases, one of the quicker ways to find inspiration for a song is through teamwork (second mind) with a musician friend or the band leader. A lot of young musicians can write songs in relationship with another person. Anyone can add his or her viewpoint to their song, this can be a good way to create a unique song, and also it can be an effective starting point while writing the lyrics for their song.

If you can write a good melody line but unsure of writing lyrics then look up the internet. There are some websites that can generate unique lyrics for song writing.  Again, this is another good starting point for young musician song writers. However be prepared for some heavy editing of lyrics because it will be required to be modified to suite your melody lines. On the other hand if you can write good lyrics, then look out for that experienced melody composers (musician) who has written a quantity of classy melody lines.

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