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A Review By: Alphonso Soosay

Home Theatre installs awareness

home-theater-installer The responsibility of the Home Theatre installer is to provide a complete experience for the customer. The details of each individual component are not the primary focus. The primary focus is the final equipment placing together and calibration experience.

In other words, the goal of any Home Theatre installer is to provide a complete package that provides access to all desired audio and video content. The consumer provides the room and the budget, while the installer puts together a complete package of components to provide the best entertainment experience possible for the size of your room. The installer presents the complete package to the consumer for consideration. The consumer doesn’t have to decide each brand/model of component to be used.

For the consumer, a Home Theatre installer is doing all the retailer business on your behalf to purchase a series of components and going to your home and setting it all up for you the way it should be.

Question: By what approach can I build a Custom Home Theater System?

Answer: I often get questions from friends on how they should go about installing their own custom built-in Home Theater system. Although the information provided on website is informative in explaining  about Home Theater basics, what is available to use in your home theater, how to shop for your home theater components, and how to connect and use your home theater components;

Okay, if you are actually building a complete in Home Theater room from the ground up, here are some factors to consider. In Western Australia,  Get Professional Advice home-theater-installationfrom (example) a Major Home Theatre Consultant like West Coast Hi-Fi or read up the eBook on Home Theatre Guide by Alphonso Soosay or either use the services of a licensed contractor that also does Home Theatre construction or a licensed Home Theatre installer that does construction.

The best way to evaluate the full potential of your Home Theatre room is to have someone experienced in the Home Theatre domain who can actually come in, assess the environment in person, and take note of any good points and bad points, as well as suggesting options on where to place your components for maximum benefit and ease of use.  In addition, you will get a much more accurate budget picture of the whole project as the installer/contractor will not overlook small details that you may have overlooked, that could end up being an important issue.

Some of the factors that you and a professional Home Theatre consultant need to consider when planning a Home Theatre will include:  Primary purpose of the room to watch movies on a TV or Projector, listen to music. / The size of the room. / The shape of the room.  / Acoustical properties of the room is important if you are searching for natural sound. / Options of a projection system or large screen television that will work best for you. / Where you or your audience will sit in relation to the Plasma TV or Projection screen. / Options of In-wall or standalone speakers would be most effective for the listening experience. / Where your electronics source components will be located out in the open, or in a closet or booth.  / Ambient light issues that may affect the type of TV or video projector to be used. / Room Ventilation for both the viewers and Home Theatre and other media components. / These, and other, factors can be determined best by an on-site inspection of the actual room or by looking an architectural plan for a home to be constructed with Home Theatre in mind.

  Advantages using Custom Installation Help

1. Contact retailers such as West Coast Hi-Fi in Perth, and find out who they subcontract within your local area for their Home Theatre installations. In addition, there are independent dealers and Home Theatre re-modelers in each state that specialize in custom Home Theatre construction and installation.

2. Option is to Contact “CEDIA” (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association for information on a licensed installer/contractor near you. CEDIA is a worldwide association of Home Theatre and custom electronics specialists. In fact, if you are a very motivated with Home Theatre issues, then you may be able to take a CEDIA sponsored course or workshop and become an expert Home Theatre installer yourself and maybe you could make it as your side-line income helping others in your area who need help with Home Theatre Installation.

An alternative good source for finding a Home Theater Installer is through the Google Home Theatre Installation This site has an extensive database of Home Theatre   installers and related audio/video and security system installers throughout Australia.

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