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Home Theatre Audio Visual Amplifier Receivers  are Cinema transformation products designed for the home use and it is to connect each and every one of your media playback source devices such as Blu-Ray, DVD players Set-Top Box, CD, Media computer to the multi-speakers, Plasma, LED, LCD TV’s, Projector’s and more to one another. The Denon AVR-1912 is one of the most affordable and proficient and advanced AV receiver on the market today. At the cost of A$500/-.

This Denon Receiver supports 7.1 channels of surround-sound technology. This means you can route surround sound to seven speakers plus a subwoofer. The option to run a single channel to each speaker gives you to the ability to experience movies, music and more in the full, rich sound in which the movie creators originally recorded and mixed with.

A clear indicator of the Denon AVR-1912’s strong performance is its signal-to-noise ratio. At 100dB, the sound produced by this AV receiver is crisp and clear. There is no audio distortion or static produced by this model. The only flaws to sound quality on this unit can be the speakers that are going to hook up to.

Its total harmonic distortion on the Denon AVR-1912 weighs in at a very light 0.1 precent. This is another indicator of the clarity of sound produced by this AV receiver. Any number below 0.5 precent is purely an academic statistic because hardly anyone can detect harmonic distortion that low.

This Denon Receiver includes every connectivity option we looked for when we rated and ranked AV receivers. More and more devices are using HDMI rather than aging analogue connections such as component, composite and coaxial.

Appropriately located on the front panel is the unit’s USB port. This port enables you to connect a wide variety of digital devices. Not the least of these is iOS devices; this Denon Receiver is specifically designed to take full advantage of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This port combined with the HDMI ports on the rear of the machine make this Audio Visual receiver compatible with nearly every digital device available on the market today. Its compatible formats include Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby True-HD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital Surround EX and all the flavours of DTS. The fact that this AV receiver is compliant with all these sound formats means that you hear the rich sound exactly the way the content creators intended you to hear it.

The additional sound format worthy of note is THX. That’s the sound standard pioneered by Lucas-film that is used in millions of Movie Theatres throughout the world. This Denon model includes a decoder for this sound format, thereby covering all its audio bases. Therefore, every Blu-Ray, DVD Disc or even the old VHS tape you own plays in its originally mixed sound format.

With Denon AVR-1912’s graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to interact with any media device connected to the unit via its digital connectivity selection. This display also gives you access to the AV receiver’s internet-streaming capabilities. Services such as Rhapsody and Pandora are available through the receiver and are routed to your speakers or TV.

When you are dealing with the latest AV receivers, it’s all about audio capacity, connectivity and compatibility with the latest mobile media devices. This Denon AVR-1912 owns a strong connection array, delivering video and sound to the most advanced speakers and TV’s. It is also fully compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can even use those devices as a remote control for this Denon AV receiver. Combine that with its innovative audio technology and you get a product that stands head and shoulders above its competition in this affordable category.  This above Denon AVR-1912 is value for money for any standard size Home Theatre.

Below is latest affordable AV Receiver for 2013.

Latest affordable Denon AVR-1713 is a modestly-priced Home Theater Receiver that provides a 5.1 Channel configuration with an adequate 80W Per Channel x5 output that is perfect for small or medium-size rooms. The AVR-1713 supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and additional audio processing.

As for video, the AVR-1713 has six 3D compatible HDMI inputs (one is mounted on the front). However, it does not offer analogue to HDMI conversion or up-scaling. It is also important to note that this receiver does not provide any , nor does it include an AM radio tuner (FM is included).

The good thing is that, the Audyssey Multi-EQ automatic speaker setup system is included, as is a Zone 2 preamp output and front mounted USB port for accessing digital media content directly from either an iPod or iPhone as well as flash drives and compatible USB hard drives. Added bonuses include Apple Airplay, Internet Radio, and access to audio files stored on DLNA compatible network connected PCs and media servers. If you are looking for a home theater receiver that is modestly priced, but still provides some flexibility, then check out the Denon AVR-1713.

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