A Review by: Alphonso Soosay

3d-tvThe  3D “Home Theater” has come of age, with the increased popularity and affordability of high quality Home Theater Surround Sound coupled with moderately priced large-screen high-definition video displays has transformed the Family room “recreation room” of past decades to a warm and welcoming dedicated home theater.

THE FEATURES: TV manufacturers are always in competition to make the images emitted from their products as lifelike as possible. The introduction of  3D TV is one exciting demonstration of this goal. At one time it was limited to “IMAX” Screens and occasional theater releases like Avatar, three-dimensional movies are now accessible whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. This Panasonic TC-P55VT30 has an outstanding overall picture quality; its 600Hz refresh rate makes this Plasma TV a rock-solid competitor, even by 2D standards. With superior black-level performance, very good shadow detail and accurate color points in THX mode. It can handle 1080p/24 sources and bright rooms well and exhibits the nearly perfect screen uniformity of Plasma, as well as very good 3D picture quality.  This Panasonic 3D TV is a fully featured three-dimension appliance. It has all the basic hook-up capabilities, including one composite and one component video input, as well as digital and analogue audio inputs and outputs. These are clearly labelled on the back of the TV. You can also connect your 3D TV to your personal computer and your local area network. The TV also has three USB ports and four HDMI inputs for  Blu-Ray, DVD player and also your 3D Blu-Ray player and all other gaming systems. When using this Plasma TV you don’t have to worry about unplugging your Xbox to hook up your Blu-ray player; there is plenty of room for all your linkage needs.

This Plasma TV makes sure that you are putting your money in a solid competitor, one you can trust to fulfil all your three-dimensional expectations. Looks like Panasonic is taking the lead with its line of 3D Plasma HDTV’s that display outstandingly clear and vibrant images in every dimension. Although active 3D glasses are more expensive, I noticed they are worth the extra expense because they do all the work for you, no more flickering effects. Passive 3D televisions come with more affordable glasses similar to those you wear at the movie theater; but people had to make a brief, detectable eye adjustment when viewing 3D images on a passive 3D TV. This adjustment varies by individual. Some people can’t detect a shift in image dimension, while others feel dizzy or even nauseous when viewing passive 3D. With active 3D glasses, the three-dimensional effect is instantaneous. This is because the lenses in your active 3D glasses are equipped with shutter technology. Each lens flashes images that correspond with the images on the TV, resulting in a completely immersive and automatic 3D experience.

THE DISPLAY:   This Panasonic 3D TV has an incredibly high refresh rate of 600Hz. The TV uses its 600Hz subfield drive to cultivate the best possible picture in either 2D or 3D mode. Most LED TV’s have a refresh rate of up to 480Hz, tops. Like all Plasma TV’s, this one displays images using electrically charged ionized gases instead of light-emitting diodes. Plasma TV’s are thin and can create rich colours and deep blacks. This 3D TV also uses fast-switching phosphors that reduce afterglow and create clear images.  This 55-inch Panasonic has a contrast ratio of 5 million pixels to one, and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. The contrast ratio indicates the contrast of the brightest white the TV can produce to the darkest black. The scale of this measurement is not universal; it varies with each manufacturer. The viewing angle refers to the maximum angle at which you can effectively view 3D and HD images. The three-dimensional effect is greater on this Panasonic 3D TV when you are further away from the TV. As you increase this distance, the images seem to have greater depth and the 3D seems more realistic like the cinema quality.

THE ACCECCORIES:  Panasonic 3D TV comes with only one set of active 3D glasses; it can be very expensive for a big family. The glasses are not really heavy and are perfectly has the designer look as far as 3D glasses go. Some retailers will include additional pairs of glasses as well as other accessories in their all-inclusive package deal. The television also comes with a tabletop stand that measures 1.5 inches tall, and a Viera Link remote control, compatible with most of your connected devices. With the included USB adapter, you can connect your television to your Wi-Fi.  You will be to find and download the owner’s manual and installation guide for the Panasonic 3D TV on the Panasonic website.

THE SUPPORT: You can contact Panasonic directly via phone, mail, email or their convenient live chat option. The representatives we spoke with on Panasonic’s live chat support were attentive and quick to answer our questions competently and completely. They also email you a transcript of your live correspondence so you can file it away for future reference.

SUMMARY:  With technology ever improving, it’s senseless to spend your hard-earned entertainment budget on a 3D television that is already trumped by a more advanced option. Invest in a top-of-the-line 3D machine. We recommend the Panasonic TC-P55VT30 because it is simply the best 3D TV on the market from the leading name in 3D technology.   This models picture is superior to other compared brands like: LG 55LW6500 / Sony XBR-HX929 / Samsung UN55D8000YF / LG 60PZ950 / Sharp LC60LE835U and Toshiba 55WX800U and its 3D is the most life-like. This Plasma television has an astounding colour variety, deep blacks and bright whites. If you are looking for three dimensions effects for your Home Entertainment, then this is an investment worth looking into. This TV model has the deepest Plasma black levels of the year; it will not disappoint even the most 3D-skeptical consumers.

LATEST UPDATE: Look out for VIZIO’s award-winning Theater 3D technology, providing flicker-free 3D that is clear, crisp and up to two times brighter than conventional 3DTVs, delivering a vibrant cinema-quality 3D experience  It delivers the state-of-the-art 3D technology used at your local movie theater into your home to produce an immersive 3D experience. Four pairs of lightweight, inexpensive and comfortable battery-free 3D glasses are included with each Cinema wide 3D HDTV.  This unique, ultra-wide-screen would make a great talk about point in any living room, and the right movie can look great.

 I like it because it’s like having a mini Cinema wide screen (21.9) in your home. Also it looks like having a driveway hanging on the wall. It has Bluetooth, Remote/keyboard. You can surf the net without a computer. Note: Not a lot of 3D Video programs available to fills the screen yet.  But this unique, ultra-wide-screen   would make a great talking point in any living room, and with the true 3D movie it will look so impressive.  


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