Home Theater Buying Guide

home-theater-guideThe world of modern “Home Theatre Surround Sound” is multifaceted. It’s a world of creative individuals comprising audio and visual engineers, producers, musicians, singers, narrators, manufacturers and business people who are the experts in such fields as acoustic, electronics, music, audio visual media, production, marketing and the wide-ranging day to day studio performances of the venture of HD visual, music and sound effects. The combined efforts of this talent pool work together to create a single end product called the master of “Home Theatre Recordings”. It’s only when the audio visual recording process is mixed and completed, the master which is the motion picture soundtrack can be manufactured when required into a final saleable disc called Blu-Ray or DVD.

Dolby Digital Surround Sound and High-Fidelity Stereo systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and are capable of sound reproduction quality that to a large extent exceeds the state of the art a decade ago. But the capabilities of modern HD Dolby Digital Surround Sound and High-Fidelity Stereo systems are often compromised or defeated by unfortunate acoustic environments. Acoustic troubleshooting is concerned with the control and optimisation of those physical characteristics that affect reflections of sound waves within a listening area and thereby can achieve the audible range natural environment.

Young school leavers and Audio Visual technicians who work in Home Theatre and HIFI showrooms will find the complete volume of useful information in this book. It will be especially appreciated by the younger school leavers and sales personal who will become more knowledgeable and thereby being more effective in dealing with setting up and giving advice to their Home Theatre clients.

Chapters in this book cover scores of important aspects of Home Theatre Guide and are suitable for any technical school that offers audio visual courses; also it is very educational for any Home Theatre lovers from beginners to knowledgeable status.

The Home Theater Guide is objective; it is not sponsored or linked to providers of equipment and services. It is used as a Home Theatre knowledge guide and your Home Theatre reference e-book.

New hardware and software for Home Theatre creeps into the market almost every other day, and no print text can claim to contain state-of-the-art information. This e-book is not a guide to the latest products but a guide to universal audio visual principles and techniques that will remain relevant for a long time.

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