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Thousands of independent Songwriters, Singer and Musicians have made it through Online Sales. Being successful as a song writer in show business at any level requires dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm, and passion. In simple philosophy, it’s not a good idea to wait for a recording company to discover you as they are always too busy. In this modern world it is possible to reach out to your audience and find them. You have to start taking charge of your own produced music career progression. Start working on it as soon as possible.

According to the internet media statistics, more people are downloading their music through various mediums, including popular sources such as I Tunes and others. That is just one example of how music sales in general are changing and it’s an indication that online sales are on the big time increase.

In my search, this is one of the trendy sites out there for “Undiscovered Song Writing Talents” on the web. Anyone can sell their own composed music productions (CD) on “CDbaby” right now. One of the best things about “CDbaby” is that if you sign up for digital distribution through them, they will send your music to ITunes, Rhapsody, Napster and others available through their online contacts music stores at no extra charge.

The only thing you have to do is send them at least a couple of CD’s, home produced with front covers, recorded and mixed correctly should be good enough as long as it sounds and looks respectable. Importantly do not forget your biography, it should be a one page and should be interesting to read, so create an exciting story, just explain where you and your band came from and how you got into the music scene and up to the current stage. Use your newspaper reviews and magazine articles written about yourself or just create one. Remember, these online investors will set you up with a personal page on their internet site where your creative music will be for sale. Currently I believe when you register online, there is a one-time fee of about $35/-, it is an affordable cost for any song writers. Note that “CDbaby will also hold on to about $4/- for every CD sold and 9% of digital downloads sales. Importantly, you will have to make decisions on your own CD cost which is a good thing. Try to keep it within $15/- range so as to get a bigger volume of sales. Check on for more details.

So, when you have decided to sell your music online try to have a Facebook or MySpace site setup. MySpace is a social network website, note, SnoCap is a flash program where you can use it to sell your music and apply it on your MySpace page. Do not be concerned about how much MySpace commercializes music; believe me, it is a huge exposure for it connects you with lots of people worldwide. For your info, this online service is actually reasonably easy to use.

The sincerely thing about online sales is that, you set your own cost for your songs. Market it as a SP, EP or LP as a whole album; it’s up to you. will setup a small window on your profile where your Fans can buy your music directly. It is as simple as that. There are other distribution methods through SNOCap as you might be interested in, so check them out at: Actually there are quite a few websites online right now that allows you to upload individual songs or upload an entire CD that required to be distributed through their site. The solution I would recommend is to go for as many as possible and monitor them daily.

Majority of individuals who shop online these days are about 90%, these are the people who are looking for exactly for what they want. That means that exposure is the solution for an “Unknown Artist” because that’s the only way to nudge into that 90% of online music shoppers. Please do your research on the other many online sites available and select the online site that suites you best.

Hopefully this should cover the basics on what you can do with your composed music in terms of online sales. Keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme to selling music online; please make sure you have some real creative quality music content to distribute before jumping into deep waters. If you have already got some exciting creative music composed and has been recorded then why not toss them out to the online market, you have got nothing to lose, time is money. It will be a waste keeping them on your shelf. Just try your Luck and you will never know as you might just be astounded by the outcome of the results. So, Good Luck with online fishing.

Please note that it’s your responsibility to communicate with your download buyers at every level. Let the world know exactly what they are buying. From the day you start sending out your songs, make sure you check it every morning and keep your website up to date. If viewers like your songs, it will be the first place they will go and see what you are up to and also check where and when your next performance is. Use mailing lists, email lists, local newspaper, Fliers and posters to promote your Gig’s. Send your mastered CD’s to radio Stations and popular DJ’s. Many local commercial stations have “Music Specialty” shows now and then. Try to get your latest CD into their hands, make friends with your local radio and TV stations. Offer to play at any of their live charity functions they may be sponsoring. You must be creative. if you can win them over as your fans then the radio stations will be able to help you along the show business way.

Send all your recordings on CD to “APRA” and apply for full membership. Your innovative recorded music is protected legally.

Your music buyers can be certain of what they are reaching for if you include detailed description of your Live Performances, Location and Date. Also include photos of your CD’s where possible as it will make your page even a cut above others. Make it easy and clearly state your return policies on your site in a spot where buyers can easily find it. Respond promptly to all enquiries. Show buyers that you are listening to them and really care by courteously responding to any questions they might have before, during and after the sale of your CD. There is always things to learn from their opinions and you will develop effectively with each recordings.

At the mastering stage of your CD, make sure to include a Universal Product Code (barcode) and register your product with “Sound Scan”, as this service can be used to track CD sales. This site also gives permission to Recording Companies, A&R research Managers to notice and track any sales from their head office.

Online sales option are:

Other options are: Look for a Music Publisher. A music publisher is in actual fact a copyright administrator. I am always amazed by the many ways a music publisher can turn music into richness. Publishing companies have the ability to collect and produce income from your original music recordings. Lots of independent artists and musicians make a living off their music because they have an experienced music publisher. If I were you, I would send my music to as many music publishers as possible all over the world. Example: Abet Music – Contact: Tony Nersoyan. Big Fish Music – Contact: Chuck Tennin. BMG Music Publishing – Contact: Scott Francis. Dream Works/SKG Music Publishing – Contact: Molly Kaye. EMI/New York – Contact: Evan Lamberg. Fox Music Publishing – Contact: Mary Jo Mennella.

When each and every stage is accepted and concluded, do not forget to look for a Music Booking agent. They are also known as venue booking agents or Talent agents for the Entertainment Industry. Music agents are responsible for the organisation of Live Music scenes in the Night-Clubs and Live Concerts. Your music agent will be able to get you and your Band booked to perform Live Shows. It is the booking agent’s job to make sure that you as a Singer are performing for the correct Live audiences, they monitor your performances and get you and your Band more public exposure. The majority of experienced music agents work closely with music promoters all over the world, radio stations and Record labels to effectively promote your music. It is also your Booking Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with venues and show promoters.

When and if you are looking to promote your live music the good old tasteful way, then these contacts below will definitely come in handy in your favour.

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