Different Type of Cymbals

different-cymbalsMusical use Cymbals are developed in different category of metals, when you have tried using the basic cymbals and sense the urgent need to spice up your cymbals enhancement, then there are lots of types of cymbals available that can take your cymbal preference far beyond the standard ride, crash and hi-hats method.

China cymbals typically have a bell with a shortened cone shape, with an outer rim that is turned up in reverse shape to the main bow of the cymbal, and are mounted with its bell side down. China’s provide a darker, trashier unusual cymbal sound; this became fashionable with drummers in the 70’s and 80’s. These days China cymbals are obtainable in a much wider range of sizes. Rock and Pop drummers usually invert them and mount them upside down.

Splash cymbals are smaller versions of crash cymbals, generally measuring between 6″-12″ in diameter. Splashes have a quick, bright attack with little sustain, creating a swift burst of sound that’s remarkable for accents when a standard crash could be too much.

Sabian APX Ozone, Zildjian EFX cymbals, and Meinl Generation X Trash have holes in them, producing a drier range of sounds and shorter sustain, somewhere in between a Crash and a China. The Meinl Filter China has holes in it that give it a quieter, shorter sound than a standard China.

Stacked cymbals layer 2 or more cymbals on top of each other, creating a quick, focused burst of white noise-like sound. These include the Sabian Chopper, Meinl Generation X Signature Benny Greb Trash Hat, Meinl Generation X X-treme Stack Effects, Sabian Mike Portnoy Max Stax Pack, Paiste Noiseworks Triple Raw Smash Cymbal Set, and Meinl Generation X Electro Stack 8″ and 10″ Effects, among others. With their harsh, almost electronic timbres, many of these stacked models are ideal for modern genres like techno and drum’n’bass.

Conclusively, there are a number of metal percussion instruments available now that really can push the envelope, challenging traditional ideas of what a cymbal is. For example, cymbal-typesZildjian’s Spiral Trash Effects Cymbal features a hanging metal spiral that creates wave-like sounds. Factory Metal Percussion creates a variety of cymbal-like metal percussion instruments mountable on cymbal stands, many of which include bells, jingles, and other effects. Hammerax is known for their absolutely unique cymbals, beautiful to look at and capable of creating a peculiar range of metallic sounds. So for the drummers and percussionists looking to expand their sonic expressions, these choice of Cymbals offer captivating choices. Just type “Effects Cymbals” in Google and you will see what I intended to tell you with all the other options of creative cymbals.

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