Christmas Home Theatre Upgrade

darbee visionDespite the fact today’s Blu-Ray, HDTV’s and Video Projectors provide very good 1080p image quality, there is always room for improvement.
Paul Darbee, founder and CEO of Darbee Vision who is a truly a visionary inventor and entrepreneur has created a market for numerous video processing chips and technologies that enhance image quality by removing artifacts, reducing video noise, smooth out motion response, and up-scaling lower resolution source signals to near-HD quality.

However, in the continuing quest to provide an even better video processing solution, a new product that takes a different approach to video processing has entered the scene, which is creating as much excitement as the first video up-scaling DVD players. The product in question is the Darbee Visual Presence Darblet DVP-5000.   It produces a stunning effect and I thought it would be wonderful thing to let Home Theatre users here know.

Darblet is a very compact video processing “box” that you place between an HDMI source (such as a Blu-ray Disc player, up-scaling DVD player, cable/satellite box, or home theater receiver) and your TV or video projector.

In simple term, it is a good Home Theater Christmas add-on’s and accessories.  A lot of attention is placed on the basic equipment needed to experience “Home Theater”; however, there are many unusual accessories that can enhance your “Home Theater” enjoyment.
However, unlike other popular video processing devices, the Darblet does not upscale resolution, supress background video noise or edge artefacts, and does not smooth motion response.

Instead, the Darblet adds depth information in the image using pixel level real-time contrast, brightness, and sharpness manipulation (luminous modulation). This process restores the missing natural-like “3D” information that the brain is trying to see within the 2D image. As a result, the image seems to “pops” with more texture, depth, and contrast range.

If used appropriately, the Darblet makes a great addition to your Plasma, LCD or LED TV’s and “Home Theater” viewing experience. In fact, it has harvested quite a following amongst a growing number of consumers and professionals.


The Darblet is a plug and play accessory to enhance your  HDMI  video entertainment. Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology establishes a fundamental breakthrough for image realism. By embedding 2D and 3D pictures with depth information, a new visual experience is born.

The Darblet is a “Fine-tuned “or an accessory plugged in between any HDMI source and display. It is Plug-n-Play, there is no installation required. There are simple controls to set up the Darblet according to your personal preferences. The Darblet is small and transportable and is compliant with the most recent version of HDMI for the highest fidelity.

Alphonso Soosay

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