Singing Pop Idols (Awareness)

In show business you have to manage your talent, must have strong dedication,  You have to crave for “The Idol” and be willing to work hard and give up everything for it, always looking for work experience, having luck and being in the right place at the right time..

As a Singer, you have to concentrate on your vocal ability and your only main task should be focusing on your vocal technique. It’s so important because it has to be talked about. Remember, a singer with talent may sing beautifully, but a singer with “God’s Gift” can sing the same song and make your wrist hair stand plus blow your mind away. If luck is on your side, you may just find yourself in the right place at the right time for that lucky break you have been waiting for. Whatever happens, never get discouraged and by no means give up.

So, how do one become from an unknown Singer to the nationwide stage and become a pop star? Becoming a pop star is a real dream for millions of people around the world. I had a taste of it in the mid 60’s. It’s all about hard work (practice 6 to 8 hours a day), creating the right image of yourself (aim to be original), video recordings will help you speed-up and help you see yourself as you improve. Being in the right place at the right time is something you will have to look out for. Imagine when you get that exciting and rewarding career as a recording artist. The gratification is when you become a successful recording artist and you are able to touch people’s lives through your music, while making considerable money and doing what you love best.

Some people frequently dreamed of standing on concert stage in front of thousands of people and belting out their latest radio hit single? This could be you wanting to be a pop star.  With some serious endeavour and determination, you could make your dream come through. Just look at the American and Australian Idol auditions, thousands of them who can’t really sing but still put on a “try your best”. So, if you think you are better than any of them, then you should make an professional attempt. It’s a quicker way to becoming a Pop Star as all the media attention is already there. Remember, Show-Business head-hunters are always looking out for that unique Pop Star Idol. First impressions are good friendly looks, the way you dress-up, the way you speak and present yourself and the happy smiley face.

Note: On the other hand, you do not have to be an “X-factor” or “Idol” winner to be a Pop Star. These days it’s easier to create and sell your own home recordings, you do not have to go to the very big expensive studios to get yourself recorded, professional home recording studios are available and if you can build a large enough following through your Gigs and network connection, then your career path can lead you to a major recording deal and even a to celebrity stage. There is a bit of smart thinking and hard work involved in this process. Friends or individuals in the music industry will be able to help you in this process.  If you have tried for years to become a pop star and still trying, then what I would suggest is put together a demo CD recording of your singing style and give it to someone who is in the music industry agency, they will listen to it. If they like what they are hearing, then chances are you will be on your local radio or you might even get a recording deal.

So, does this sound like the profession of your dreams? If yes, check the following 10 details.

  1. The very first thing to work on is your Vocals (singing).  Use a digital video recorder and record yourself every time you sing. Play it back again and again and look at your presentation / expression / diction and most importantly your feel towards the song that you are singing. Ask a close friend (second considered opinion) to listen to your singing closely and ask the listener if he or she can really feel (sensation) your singing.
  2. Look for a vocal teacher (lessons) to learn proper singing technique with a variety style of music. (Pop/rock/country/blues/jazz/fusion)
  3. Get involved as a member of a club or church choirs and other singing groups to get practice and experience in your free time
  4. Sing on stage in front of public as much as possible to get comfortable with live performance. These days, image is everything. (Video recordings of yourself will tell you the truth
  5.  Create an impression of being a unique showbiz image, including a stylish new look or haircut
  6. Look for a local fashion expert to work on your wardrobe.  It’s all about getting your name out into the Show Business market as soon as possible
  7. Network with everyone and anyone you can: Club managers, booking agents, Recording Company A&R people, producers, and other folks in show business
  8. Record a demo of about 4 to 10 songs and start spreading it around. (Just for feedback)
  9. Do not be shy of Auditioning for musical, radio and TV shows because other opportunities will get you performing for the public
  10. Decide and select the correct songs that suit your vocal range and style, you must be easy with it to perform it proficiently.  Work together with your vocal teacher, close friend or your favourite songwriters and try to record that No1 single that the whole world is starving for. Remember, recording companies are looking for hit songs and that characteristic singer
  11. Take into account that sometimes whatever achievement you are aiming for does not  happen overnight, you have to induce a lot of hard work on yourself first
  12. Be aware of your weaknesses. Let’s face it: the road to stardom isn’t an easy one, and we all have a weak spot. Find out yours?
  13. Initial awareness. We live in a beauty fanatical culture, if you don’t look good; music producers might think you won’t be able to attract a very large fan base
  14. Your appearance: You don’t have to be a fancy dancer, but having the ability to express well and feel your music on stage is important
  15. With good vocals and performance personality you can you bring the house down when you are on stage?
  16. Being a Songwriter:  Is an advantage for singers, but the reality is that if you are not writing your own songs then you will lose out on royalties year by year. It could be in the millions for top charters. But on the other hand you can help a songwriter in making his work very popular and extra dollars in the songwriter pocket
  17. Having your own formula: Have you developed your own style in performance, stage presence, and showmanship?
  18. Your distinctiveness: Most Pop stars perform the same at concerts. Your eccentric image will draw the crowd. It’s something to think about
  19. On Vocals:  Make clear in your mind that your voice has the power to express genuine emotions
  20. Showmanship: If you do not dance around that’s acceptable, staying almost still with hand movements is an motivating option, it shows expression
  21. Genuine friends are better, since they make life worth living and they can help a lot in time of trouble. But even superficial acquaintances can give you precious information. So don’t ever stop making new friends and stay in touch with your old ones. Note: You’ll need lots of support from different people
  22. Don’t give up at any stage. It often takes some point in time to get amazing results
  23. Be open to criticism, but don’t let anybody change you.   Just ignore criticism like you have not heard it: it’s not worth your time. On the other hand, be prepared to listen when others give you constructive advice: it might hurt, but it is always worth it. Just remember: don’t ever let anybody change you. You are what and who you are. You as a new image are what the public are looking for
  24. Bear in mind that the music business is just that (a business). Do not get so caught up in your spur-of-the-moment of success that you forget to protect yourself against bad contracts and deals. Believe me it happens in show business.  Also, remember that persistence pays off and with a little bit of luck being in the right place at the right time really puts you on the right advantage

I believe you deserve to have the career of your dreams,

For that reason, go out there and give whole-heartedly in what you have inside you by singing your heart out in the open.

As for Pop shows like X-Factor, Australian and American Idol. Yes, thousands of young people go for it as it helps to test their marketable image.  If you happen to be that winner then you have made it with the media exposure. The second stage will be getting that CD of yours to the public ASAP with that No: 1 hit song which will make you a better celebrity and money for you.

If you come across a good singing teacher, please stick to them as he or she will guide you to do the correct requirements for a singer.  Singing correctly is as very important as I am very sure that you would not want to go for singing audition and get knocked back in the first round.

As for performance experience, be ready to take on Gigs that pay reasonable dollars when you are starting out as new, think of them as practice and credentials building-up.  Have faith in yourself as you will be conscious of it all the more when you achieve fame because you have worked hard and earned it the proper way.

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